• Global NVOCC
  • Project Cargo
  • Chartering

Global NVOCC

In a reality in which keeping the pace of globalization is critical, the main objective becomes the elimination of trade borders and correlated costs.

Tree Logistics offers a full range of services to meet the business requirements of customers, consigning their property within the borders or worldwide, through a network of serious and efficient professionals.


Sea, Air and Land division

Customs Management

Deliveries, duties and free trade agreements

Warehousing and distribution

Storage and inventory control

Risk management /Insurance

Coverage for each shipment

Project cargo

We align with our customers from the beginning of the project and budget for evaluation, human and technical resources. We help to shape and develop and contemplate all possibilities to achieve the best proposals with efficiency.

Our team analyzes your needs and finds the solution that best suits your project requirements or with supply chain and transportation.

Our knowledge and presence in all logistics fields, combined with international experience guarantee that your cargo is in good hands.


Water delivery

Renewable Energy

Turnkey projects

Oil & Gas

Maximum efficiency in the transport of components for refineries and platforms


We carry extra and over dimensional size cargo


We have worked on projects of reference for oil & gas infrastructure, renewable energy, chemical, automotive and retail. No matter the complexity or urgency of the project; Tree Logistics is your partner.

  • We handle all kinds of tonnage (tween-deckers, bulk carriers, liquids and or Ro/Ro)
  • Any type of load (project, coal, cement, biodiesel etc.)
  • Extensive network of ports
  • Proprietary database stowage costs
  • Maximum speed in quotes